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horrible handwriting, pfft look at it

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I.D.K.B.I.C., May 3rd, 2011, 12:39 am ( Reply )

Once again, I'm sorry for taking so long to update this comic. The last page has been half way done for the longest time, but in my procrastination along with other valid and non-valid reasons I have not finished it.

I will try to finish it by the end of this week, since this is my final week of classes before summer break~!YAY. There are some things that should be known if this comic continues (I haven't been in touch with the other author in a while D:):
1. My pages may be drawn in SAI instead of PS since my new tablet agrees with it more and my style is a bit more defined now, but other than that everything else should remain basically the same. I might switch programs every now and then.
2. I have a number of serious projects (although I love this comic and the potential it can have if an actual story was put in place, I do not consider it one of my serious projects), so this comic is almost last on my list right now. I needed something to practice drawing and I have plenty of things now, but since this is the only active comic I have at the moment, it is something I wish to continue to work on. I may start a new comic here in a few weeks as well.
3. I really don't want to think and type anymore. :'D

Thanks so much to all of you 164 fans. c: Please look forward to the new page, but right now I should really go to sleep since I have 2 exams in 7 hours and it takes me a while to fall asleep. ; u;

Thanks again! Your faithful lazy creature, Sai~

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BlackFire_Chan, May 3rd, 2011, 9:48 pm ( Reply )

Yeah thats my fault too :x ill draw story boards and stuff we just need to call each other that way we can make multiple pages and post once a week...were still going to do the i do one page you do one page thing but my style has definitely changed as well and my admittance to college is a long and time consuming process, also senior year wrapping up im very busy as well. This comic holds a very special place in my heart but it means nothing without you sai and if it wasnt for me meeting you it would never of been created! xD But i dont care if it takes until we are sixty to finish im just glad you are trying, it really means a lot!! Dx Cant wait for the new page! I'll start making those story boards!:3

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